About Cristie

Founder of Reinvention Mom

If you’re here, you are likely looking for ways to feel better or renew some peace in your home. You probably don’t care about a laundry list of my certificates and degrees. Rather, you want to know who I am because it helps you to know if I can help you.

I’ll tell you what you need to know. I am a mom of 3 with ambitions and dreams for myself and my family. I am in the trenches of parenting at home and in my career as a trauma therapist and coach.

Modern-day parenting places massive stress on humans. You are meant to be everything to everybody and also take care of yourself. The truth is, this can feel impossible and we often end up feeling like we’re not doing any of our jobs well enough, whether at work or home.

I am here to tell you it is possible to have a multifaceted life and (mostly) enjoy it.

How? We start with you.

I have seen time and time again that when moms get clarity around their own desires, needs and dreams, it is good for everyone. You communicate better. You feel better, and everyone starts to enjoy each other more. You’ll even start to thrive in the life you are building.

How do I know? I’ve done it AND I’ve had the fortune of witnessing as others get it done too.

I’m a trained doula, holistic health coach, a trauma-trained Doctor of psychology and a former public school teacher. I’ve always been ambitious and driven and that inner drive didn’t change when I became a mom, it just shifted courses…many times. No matter which direction, I always seem to come back to moms and their kids.

I’ll let you in on a secret. Before I had my own kids, I thought parenting was so straightforward and simple. I was an excellent parent, before I had kids.

Man, was the joke on me!

As a parent for over 19 years, I am now well aware of how complex and difficult this job is. I’ve seen how much of our own past can come up and interfere with our adult-selves and how we relate to others. I know how much motherhood can mess with a woman’s identity, and sense of self. I am committed to working with moms to help them see their strengths and identify areas for growth, so that they can have fulfilling lives and relationships inside their homes and out in their communities.

I believe happiness is homegrown. I hope to provide resources and inspiration to help you grow your own brand of happy for a rich and beautiful life.