Mama Mentor Groups

Want to change your life in 6 weeks? In our programs, we help you get more calm and clarity into your life all while basking in a supportive, judgement free circle of light. No matter your stage of parenting, we have a group for you that will include weekly small group coaching, between session support and access to resources that help integrate what you hear in group into your daily life. You’ll also have weekly emails with quick tips and inspiration. And you can choose to add on personalized text/voice support for your unique questions in between group calls.

The groups are targeted to your needs so if you’re a new mom trying to find your way, or a mom about to send their babes off into the big adult world, or any mom in between these stages, there is a group for you. Read more about each group below.

Tuning In

These group programs are for caregiving women in any phase of transition.  Whether you’re going back to work after some time off, sandwiched between aging parents and growing children,  trying to survive work life while your kid tries to survive school life or coming back to yourself when your “baby” is suddenly a deep-voiced, fresh high schooler, this is the group for you. What I’ve noticed is that when we are in times of transition as mothers, we tend to close off and stop looking for others like us. It can feel like we’re the only ones going through it. I also know for sure that that is not true. In this group we’ll get you out of the shadows and back to shared support. We’ll touch on tools that you need to ground into peace and clarity you so desperately need. We’ll improve boundary setting, practice effectively communicating, and we’ll plan a future you want, not just one you fall into.

Baby Time Group

The Baby Time group coaching program is for all moms who have a wee one anywhere in their first year of life. You’ll get all the support of a Mama Mentor group targeted at the needs of moms of babes. No matter whether it’s your first or your 14th, we all need support and this is where you you can find it. We’ll address everything you didn’t expect even after reading all the books and going to all the classes. We’ll say the quiet parts out loud and you’ll get answers to all the questions you are googling for at 2am, without any of the judgment of the internet or other moms groups. Pinky promise.

Spreading Wings Group

Sending your baby off to college or into the big wild adult world is something you can never totally prepare for no matter how hard you try. So, even if you were the best at holding your own boundaries or carving out a place for yourself outside of “mom” while your kids were growing up, you still might find this transition to parenting adult kids confusing and overwhelming. What’s your role? What’s theirs? In other words, this is a time where you need other moms most. We’ll address relationship changes and how to adapt to ensure you maintain a healthy tie to your kids. We’ll also discuss what’s next for you as a human who doesn’t have to worry all the time about other humans. There’ll be lots of tuning into our own selves to remember who we are and what we want next. You will get to honestly address how hard this is, how sad you feel or maybe even how angry it all makes you. Whatever you’re feeling, we’ve got you. Of course, there will be plenty of time for light and laughter too!