Coaching, Courses and Retreats

Sometimes, you might feel like you have more specific needs than a group coaching can address. Or, maybe you’re worried about committing to specific dates and times at this stage of your life but you’d still like help and ideas to make life feel easier. Finally, you might be looking for a weekend intensive that recharges and renews you.

That is where the other services come in.We have self-directed courses for those who want a more independent route and Parent Coaching sessions for those who want more personalized support. Check out what we have to offer and then contact Cristie to sign up today.


Courses are all self-directed and meant to be done on your own time in your home or wherever you’ve got wifi and an extra 15 minutes. Designed for busy people, Reinvention Mom courses are packed full of information in a short, easy bursts. They’re practical and will make you feel better about this whole parenting gig. So, If you are a pregnant mom and want some help babyproofing your relationship or maybe a mom of more than one and feeling totally overwhelmed with the chaos of home and work and all the things, we’ve got you covered.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching sessions are perfect for moms who have been in a group program and want to continue to develop your own personalized parenting plan. Perhaps you are a mom who wants to dive deep (with your partner or without) into your own needs that you aren’t ready to share with a group. Coaching involves a three month program with all elements that people love about the group (bi-monthly coaching sessions, emails, and personalized “homework”) for you solo or including your co-parent. All of the coaching is targeted to your unique needs. Contact me to find the best fit for you and your family.


Self care is more than just bi-annual pedicures. Reinvention Retreats, whether local to NJ or in inspiring and exotic locales (hey, sometimes Jersey can be both!) are necessary for anyone who calls themselves mom. Reinvention Retreats are dedicated time for you to refresh, recharge and renew your commitment to yourself and your family.