Spreading Your Wings Group

Have you sent your baby off to college? Or, are they fully grown and flown? If you are left feeling like you aren’t sure who you are or what you do anymore now that the day-to-day mom job is gone, join us for support in figuring it all out. 

If you’re looking for a general overview of the program, click play. If you want specifics about this group for moms of grown kids, keep reading. 

Feel Safe Being Real

As our kids get older, we seem to lose some of that support we had when they were small. Gone are the playdates and moms’ groups that used to fill our days and help answer our questions. Now, we are up at night worrying and googling for answers. Sure, there may be Facebook groups, but often we’re too afraid to ask the question out loud for fear of judgement or because we can’t handle the drama these groups bring.

In this group, not only do you have access to a Doctor of Psychology, but you have the support of peers. So, no question is off limits and no feelings are forbidden. You can be scared or elated with this new life phase. There is room for both! 

What About Me?

When our babies grow up, it stops being about them as much, which often means we’re left wondering what to do next. There are so few resources and certainly no “What to Expect, Old Kid Edition” books.

It may be that you haven’t put yourself first in 18 years. Or, maybe you’ve been maneuvering your dreams around theirs for so long, you aren’t sure how to design your own life anymore. Maybe, you’re just not sure what to do with all the free time or how to stop worrying about where they are when you aren’t near them. Whatever you’re going through, we’ve got what you need.

  • Space to remember who you are 
  • Time to explore what you really want
  • Answers about your new role as mom of an adult
  • The camaraderie and support that only moms can give

What Exactly Does This Look Like

What Is Group Coaching?


For six weeks you’ll have a chance to interact with Cristie and an intimate group of other moms like you. There will be weekly live zoom calls and the opportunity to chat in between in a community app dedicated just to you. You will swap stories, learn from the Doctor and  of course, laugh yourself silly from time to time. We’ll address issues that you are facing as you move into this next life stage of parenting an adult child. Moms need information and they need each other for support. You’ll find both, here.

A Newfound Peace

Each week you’ll receive a special Love Note in your email inbox that will have a guided meditation just for you as well as tips based on our group input and questions. This weekly Love Note is meant to provide you with the tools and inspiration to find some moments of peace during these new and sometimes lonely or anxious days. You can keep the meditations and all the tips and tricks from Cristie and your peers, so your peace doesn’t end when our calls do.

Time With a Pro

“Between Cristie’s work as a trauma therapist and parent coach, not to mention 20+ years as a mom of three, she is well poised to answer most of your parenting questions. Cristie doesn’t believe that anyone is “an expert” in parenting because each kid requires something different than a canned theory or set of steps can guarantee. That said, she’s studied kids and parents for 30+ years, so she comes pretty close! Cristie is ready to listen to you and your unique “stuff” and provide options to help you move forward. Add Cristie’s professional presence to the incredible wisdom of all the other moms in the community, and no matter what we’ve got what you need.

Guidance and Real Talk

Cristie’s parenting philosophy is called Explicit Parenting, because she is big on saying the quiet parts loud. So, you’ll get honest in this group with  fears, and insecurities as well as pride and celebrations. This method is fantastic for moving yourself forward with efficiency. This is coaching, not therapy, so we won’t be opening old wounds, even if we  use the knowledge of the old to direct you toward new. Cristie has a gentle and honest hand when coaching. This means you’ll get the answers you need and while you may not like them right away, they won’t come with the discomfort that often exists in therapy when we’re sitting inside our wounds for too long. So, if this new stage of parenting has you feeling a bit lost or rudderless, this is exactly the group, and the coach, you need. 

Want to Know More?

Who Is Cristie?

Cristie Ritz-King is a Doctor of Psychology with a specialty in trauma and maternal mental health. In her therapy practice, she work with  parents learning to navigate the transitions that moms go through. Before becoming a counselor, Cristie worked as a teacher in public and private schools for 12 years earning  a Master’s Degree in Education, so  she knows a thing or two about kids’ development as well as about moms and their growth as well. Maybe most important though, is that Cristie is a working mom of two teens and a twenty-something. (Yes, she once lived through a year of 3 under 4!) Cristie’s kids are 3 very different humans who have always had three very different types of needs. So, she is here, in the trenches with you, juggling motherhood,  relationships, career and self-care. She gets it and is passionate about helping all moms get what they need.

What & When

Coaching Calls on zoom start September 28th and will continue for six weeks. Space is limited so join us today. We can’t wait to see you in this wonderful group!

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