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Motherhood is hard. It shouldn’t hurt.

Mama Mentor Groups

These are 6-week programs that include weekly small group coaching, access to learning videos and worksheets to help integrate what you hear in group and weekly emails with quick tips and inspiration.


If you are a pregnant mom and want some help baby-proofing your relationship or maybe a mom of more than one and feeling totally overwhelmed with the chaos of home and work and all the things, these courses can help.

Reinvention Coaching

Coaching programs are perfect if you want support that fits your unique needs. We offer the  transformational Reinvention You program if you’re stuck, frustrated and ready to feel better or Babyproof sessions for you to develop a  personalized parenting plan for your family.

Reinvention Mom Retreats

Self care is more than just bi-annual pedicures. Reinvention retreats, whether local or in inspiring and exotic locales are necessary for anyone who calls themselves mom. Reinvention Retreats are dedicated time for you to refresh, recharge and renew your commitment to yourself and your family.

Cristie Ritz-King

Parenting is a journey! It starts with a reinvention.

If you’re here, you are likely looking for ways to feel better or renew some peace in your home. You probably don’t care about a laundry list of my certificates and degrees. Rather, you want to know who I am because it helps you to know if I can help you.

I’ll tell you what you need to know. I am a mom of 3 with ambitions and dreams for myself and my family. I am in the trenches of parenting at home and in my career as a trauma therapist and coach.

Modern-day parenting places massive stress on humans. You are meant to be everything to everybody and also take care of yourself. The truth is, this can feel impossible and we often end up feeling like we’re not doing any of our jobs well enough, whether at work or home.

I am here to tell you it is possible to have a multifaceted life and (mostly) enjoy it.

How? We start with you.

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