09: Cycle Magic with Leslie Draffin

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Get ready for a uniquely enlightening and empowering episode! Today, we embark on a mind-expanding journey through menstruation and micro-dosing! If you’re wondering how these two worlds collide, you will soon understand because we have an expert joining us! 

Leslie Draffin is a passionate advocate for activating the divine feminine within women! She joins me to unravel the mysteries of hormonal changes in women, and shed light on what unfolds as we age and begin paying attention to our bodies. But that’s not all! With her extensive studies into maternal mental health, Leslie has become a go-to resource for the increasingly popular practice of micro-dosing.

As a menstrual cycle coach and proponent of cyclical living, Leslie empowers women to embrace their innate power through intentional practices like micro-dosing, psychedelic use, and feminine embodiment. Her mission is to permit people to step fully into their magnificence and recognize the sacredness that resides within every one of us. 

Prepare to be inspired as Leslie guides us on a transformative journey towards self-empowerment and embracing the sacred within ourselves!

Leslie’s menstrual coaching journey

Leslie’s journey into menstrual cycle coaching stemmed from a profound desire to connect with her body. She was raised in a religious household where talk of menstruation was taboo, and she felt disconnected and isolated. When she experienced her own menstrual cycle, she finally understood the cyclical nature of womanhood.

In 2019, Leslie had a spiritual awakening. It prompted her to embrace her authentic femininity by discontinuing the pill after years of use. She embarked on a transformative path but continued facing difficulties such as irregular periods, hair loss, and cystic acne. Through listening to Gemma Lee’s podcast, she found solace and recognized the significance of menstrual cycle coaching. In 2021, after reclaiming her cycle and developing a deeper connection with her body, she joined a coaching program. Now, as an educator and coach, she is on a mission to empower others by dispelling misconceptions about menstrual cycles and uncovering the incredible power within each unique cycle.

Leslie’s coaching services

There are currently three options available through Leslie’s coaching services. The first focuses solely on menstrual cycle work, offering support and guidance in understanding and embracing the natural rhythms of the cycle. The second option centers around integration and support for micro-dosing or general psychedelic use. The third option, the cyclical micro-dosing protocol, is Leslie’s newest creation and her most exciting endeavor. This unique protocol combines the principles of well-known micro-dosing protocols with a cyclical twist, aiming to use plant medicine to address cycle-related issues and promote overall well-being throughout the month. By dividing the cycle into two halves and adjusting the frequency of micro-dosing accordingly, the protocol seeks to address challenges associated with PMS and PMDD. Leslie is thrilled to guide individuals through this transformative journey, and she is currently offering a 10-week group integration program during the summer, providing support in cyclical micro-dosing, reconnecting with the cycle, and embracing the divine feminine. It represents a culmination of her passion and expertise in these areas.

Leslie’s Holy Trinity

The combination of micro-dosing, cyclical living, and womb work forms what Leslie calls her Holy Trinity. Those three elements work together to activate the authentic self. By peeling away layers through micro-dosing, individuals gain a deeper understanding of their true nature. Cyclical living and aligning with the natural rhythms of the menstrual cycle will further support this process. Womb work and reconnection also play a crucial role in this transformative journey. Whether someone is new to these concepts or familiar with micro-dosing, Leslie’s Holy Trinity offers a magical path of self-discovery and self-knowledge.


Microdosing impacts the brain profoundly by quieting negative thought loops and creating space for new neural pathways and patterns to emerge. When micro-dosing, it is helpful to have some support because working with someone who can hold space, encourage, and engage in meaningful discussions can facilitate deeper and more impactful experiences than one would have when going through the process alone.

Creating a healthy cycle

Resting and doing less during your period is crucial for a healthy cycle. Pushing yourself too hard in the second half of your cycle can lead to fat gain and muscle loss due to hormonal changes. Instead of intense workouts, prioritize rest and take naps during your period. Another crucial step is to eat enough food, as restrictive diets can negatively impact your cycle. Permitting yourself to eat when you bleed is essential. Even small adjustments like going to bed earlier, sleeping in, or doing a digital detox can make a difference. Avoid excessive screen time during your period to enhance sleep hygiene and tap into your heightened intuitive abilities. Consider the content you consume, including social media and news, as it can influence your subconscious during this time. It is essential to approach cyclical living with small, sustainable steps rather than overwhelming yourself with drastic changes.

Leslie’s 10-week Cyclical Microdosing Journey

Doors open on the 1st of May for Leslie’s 10-week journey called Cyclical Microdosing, which focuses on reconnecting with the cycle, womb, and divine feminine. The program consists of 10 live calls, each lasting 75 minutes, supplemented by audio and video lessons. Participants will also have access to a Signal chat for community connection. The aim is to create a sacred sisterhood where individuals can feel safe, vulnerable, and supported in their healing journey within a circle of women. The program draws inspiration from historical practices like Red tents, where menstruating individuals would come together to celebrate the sacredness of their bleeding. The intention is to cultivate a space for deep learning and unlearning, empowering participants to overcome obstacles and embrace their true potential.

What am I noticing?

This week, I want to share my thoughts on two TV shows that captured my attention. The first is Queen Charlotte, a spin-off from the popular series Bridgerton. It offers a unique perspective by intertwining the Bridgerton era with historical context, shedding light on the characters’ origins and providing further depth to the storyline. Unlike the steamy nature of the first two seasons, Queen Charlotte approaches the narrative from a woman’s perspective, resulting in scenes that are hilariously entertaining and heartbreakingly poignant. Shonda Rhimes masterfully addresses themes of misogyny and women’s work, creating a well-executed and captivating show that Bridgerton fans will undoubtedly adore.

The second show I want to discuss is The Diplomat, starring Keri Russell. It has been compared with The West Wing, a show my husband and many others loved. While I appreciated The West Wing, I found The Diplomat even more enjoyable! It features quick dialogue, rich character development, and engaging plotlines. The fast pace and intriguing storyline make the show an excellent choice for couples with different viewing preferences. It strikes a balance between suspense and character-driven narratives, showcasing the complexity of the relationship between Keri Russell’s character and her partner, a former diplomat.

Both Queen Charlotte and The Diplomat can be found on Netflix. I hope you find these shows as captivating as I did.

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